Google Adsense Content Creator

How to get Content Using this Tool. Get Adsense approved on your site!!

1. Open the tool from Tool Dropdown or from the Home Page.

2. The tool opens and ready to use.

3. Enter your keyword in the textarea and one more thing don't forget to verfy the captcha.

4. You can get the trending traffic keywords from this Trending Keyword Tool .

5. After completing above step hit the "Get Content" & Press OK on the alert pop-up you receive.

7. Now your Content is ready & you can now Copy the Content after hitting "Copy Content"

7. You can paste the content in blogger description or wordpress description.

8. Congratulations!! Now You are all set to use this content.

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Why adsense is approved using this tool

1. Content is unique

2. It has 2 quality outbound links

3. Content has video which is meaning full to the users so that they stick to the post for longer time

3. Content has multiple header tags

Benefit of using Google Adsense Content Creator.

"CONTENT matters the most" in all types of approach.Video is the best performing content type on all social platforms, and if you’re looking to utilize Youtbe Content/Video in your digital marketing/blogging approach, you also need to be considering YouTube, and building a YouTube presence. For this '' build-in Tools are your one stop solution of SEO related issues.

Features Of Google Adsense Content Creator.

1. High-Quality Results

2. No Installation Required

3. Quick & Easy to Use

4. No Watermarks

How To Make A Successful Google Adsense Use for your Content ?

Your Google AdSense application could be rejected if your blog or website is not well optimised. There are some things you must do to ensure that your application is accepted.

To increase your chances of getting your application approved, ensure the content on your website is authentic and original. If you simply go to other websites to copy and paste articles on your website, your application will most likely be rejected.

Moreover, Google frowns at plagiarism and intellectual theft. Constantly update the site and try as much as possible to have at least 25 different posts on your website before applying. It is advised that these posts should not be less than 400 words each.