Google Adsense Policy Violation Checker

How to check Policy Violations on Web Pages

1. Go to your website's post.

2. Copy the post content.

3. Paste the content on the textarea.

4. Hit the Policy violation check button and you will get message accordingly

5. In case the content is in different language. Change the content to english and follow the same process

Google Follow certain content policies as given below

1. Illegal content

2. Intellectual property abuse

3. Dangerous or derogatory content

4. Animal cruelty

5. Misrepresentative content

6. Unreliable and harmful claims

7. Deceptive practices

8. Manipulated media

9. Enabling dishonest behavior

10. Malicious or unwanted software

11. Dishonest declarations

12. Inventory value

13. More ads or paid promotional material than publisher-content