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How to use the keyword extraction tool?

1. Enter a keyword or a keyword combinations that you want to extract like Single word keywords, Two word key phrases, Three word key phrases , etc.

2. Verify the captcha to get your desired keywords if you forget that you will be get hold on that.

3. The Keyword extraction tool will automatically extract all the important keywords on hitting "Start Shitting" button from the entered keyword.

4. Well done!! Now your keywords are generated & ready to use.

5. Now your keywords is ready & you can now Copy the keywords after hitting "Copy Keywords!!" button.

6. Congratulations!! Now You are all set to use this keywords to improve your content and your digital well-being.

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When & Why to use this tool?

1. Performing automated keyword research, by analyzing competitor content.

2. Automated keyword extraction for rank tacking purposes.

3..As keyword is very essential part of SEO(search engine optimization) in which one has to find the best keyword which is suitable for their content in website.

4. It can be helpful for any school/college work to mark importanat words in their write up.

5. Sometimes marking down important/retaled words in presentations can be impressing in front of others.

6. And much more...